Activities in the region

If you are looking for is not all relaxation, the natural park of Cadi - Moixerò offers outdoor activities endless.
See more details briefly the different activities to do in nature:

Mountain Bike trails

Enjoy a walk through the light the different landscapes of the park. Thank you to mountain bikes, you can get to the heart of the mountain with relative ease and enjoy the unspoiled nature.


If you prefer gourmet activities, start with the first part which is their gathering. We have located a considerable density of all kinds of areas of edible mushrooms. Go to think like cooking!

Hiking trails

If you prefer to enjoy nature at a slower pace, we have some great rides that allow you to see the most remote corners of the park. A rewarding ride for the body and mind.


If one of your favorite activities are fishing, we allowed where you can practice this sport in harmony with nature. Wait quietly for the fish to bite surrounded by tranquility.


Another activity most frequented by our customers is hunting. A natural landscapes full of the most varied fauna allow you to practice this sport in a special way. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.